The Trial

The Trial (Framing Guy Paul Morin) validates the assertion of criminology professors Thomas Gabor and Julian Roberts, who said that "when undue pressure is placed on the system to make an arrest and achieve a guilty verdict, wrongful convictions are sure to follow."

The plight of Guy Paul Morin is not unique. Publicity is the only difference between our knowledge about the wrongful conviction of Guy Paul Morin and other innocent victims who suffer at the hands of ignorant and abusive authorities.

The anatomy of the circumstances which conspire to frame an innocent man are strikingly similar. Arrogant authorities embrace a fiction and they manufacture or collect tainted evidence for the sake of advancing their faulty assumptions. The Trial, is a textbook case which defines the manner and conduct that is responsible for convicting innocent people.

On the strength of DNA evidence, Guy Paul Morin was released from prison 3 years after The Trial was written and the point of this work is that you should not be required to produce DNA to prove that you are innocent of what you have been erroneously charged with.

The trial did not influence the release of Guy Paul Morin because it was never published, but it should have and could have been used because my research proves that intelligence, human knowledge and credibility ought to have even more force and authority, when it comes to proving guilt or innocence than DNA evidence currently has.

DNA evidence has been garnered God-like authority, but what about the cases where the authorities have failed to gather it? Does that mean that all the evidence that points to innocence should be ignored if authorities are not in possession of the DNA evidence that can be used to solve a crime?

The absence of DNA evidence is frequently nothing more than clear proof that the authorities have failed to solve a crime, it is not the tell-all sign we assume it to be.

The bottom line is clear. The absence of DNA evidence should have absolutely nothing to do with the declaration of innocence or guilt in certain cases, and that is aptly demonstrated by the bizarre arrest, prosecution and conviction of Guy Paul Morin.

The fact that DNA evidence ultimately cleared Guy Paul Morin is beside the point that Guy Paul Morin should have never been arrested in the first place, and that puts the burden of proving guilt or innocence exactly where it belongs. Place it elsewhere and a miscarriage of justice will invariably follow.

In particular, like the proven innocence of Guy Paul Morin, there is no credible evidence to demonstrate the guilt of other suspects like Scott Peterson, who was convicted for murdering his pregnant wife and unborn child in the United States, and there are plenty of reasons to criticize that rather strange and overzealous persecution.

Canada almost had it's own version of Scott Peterson when another innocent party, Sean Hine was almost arrested for murdering his girlfriend.

I firmly believe that my research has clear and convincing, comparative value that can be used to release innocent victims like Scott Peterson from prison, and I hope that is is used for that purpose.

Please read The Trial to appreciate the prejudices that conspire to convict innocent people and to make our courts and our authorities more competent and accountable.



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