The Affordable Care Act (ACA) which is derogatorily called Obamacare is the law of the land but Obama's enemies, represented in the media by the "Fox News" (a common Oxymoron) Network is pretending that Obamacare is something that Americans have the right to reject. They do not.


The media is inundated with lala land pundits who pretend that the Tea Party and House Republicans are standing firm against Obamacare. They possess no right or ability to do so despite Obamacare horror stories that are routinely manufactured.


But do not let the simple truth get in the way of Sean Hannity's tactics because the wannabe journalist never fails to find guests to tell their Obamacare "horror stories." Sean Hannity for example, had Paul Cox and his wife Michelle appear on his show to claim that their construction business had been hit hard because of Obamacare, giving them no choice but to significantly cut employee hours. The truth is, Obamacare has no effect on any business with less than 50 employees and since Paul and his wife only had four employess (a point that Sean Hannity did not bother to reveal to his viewers) Obamacare was in no way responsible for causing the situation that Paul Cox and his wife complained of.


All of Sean Hannity's guests who were allegedly cheated by Obamacare had not even participated in the ACA program and Sean Hannity was consequently using fake evidence to exploit people’s ignorance and to falsely point to an imaginary boogeymen. Have you been victimized by an Obamacare trainwreck story? Sean Hannity never fails to find guests who have been burdened by imaginary costs and it is simply wrong to defraud the American public in this manner.


The Fox News lie machine constantly deceives and divides the American public. Why is this propaganda tolerated in a nation that is supposed to have a free press? American democracy is not going to survive the 21st century if it keeps acting upon fake evidence.


The next time you hear somebody complain about the increased costs that Obamacare has created, you may very well be the victim of yet another scam that is aggressively promoted by Fox News, the Koch funded Tea Party or the Republican Congress. They are the traitors who are making a mockery out of the democratic process, and if the elected representatives amongst them are not the product of tampering with Diebold voting machines, shame on anybody who voted for these idiots.









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This is the reason there are so many entirely innocent people in prison.

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